Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Daily Drawing Challenge 001

Several years ago, my friend Mike Snyder and I came up with some art challenges to help us fight off an excruciating boredom we were suffering through, during some long and tedious crunch hours. We had a Low Poly Challenge that we did every week. We also had a Daily Drawing Challenge that we would do every day, during our lunch hour.

Both challenges consisted of drawing out slips of paper from 3 bowls. The first bowl had emotions, the second bowl had occupations, and the third bowl had character types. At the beginning of each challenge (whether it was daily or weekly), we would draw a slip of paper from each bowl, and that was the character we had to create.

Similarly, the CG Character Challenge that I started and am participating in now, works the same way.

This image was our first Daily Drawing Challenge - Angry King Insect. In the hour that I worked on it, I just did the pencil and ink. Tonight, I colored it. We ended up doing a bunch of these, so I think I'll start coloring and posting them.

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