Friday, May 1, 2009

First Class

I wasn't able to post anything yesterday, because I was either packing, working, or traveling all day long. I really enjoyed my trip, but I have to admit that it's great to be home!

I did have a really nice surprise yesterday. While I was checking into the airport, the guy that was checking me in, informed me that I would be flying First Class. I was really suprised by this, becuase I was sure that I was supposed to be flying in Economy. I asked him if he was sure, and he said that's what his info said.

I figured it was probably a mistake so I tried not to get too excited. But, when I went to the gate to get my assigned seat, sure enough, they had me on First class. That's where this drawing comes in. While I felt like this guy on the inside, I had to totally play it cool on the outside, so that I wouldn't nerd myself out around everybody else. :)

First Class was ok, but not amazing. The plane ride was over 4 hours long, but just didn't seem to have an appropriate First Class arrangement. Granted, I've never been on First Class before, but I've definitely been on enough planes to know that the longer flights usually have nicer First Class sections... and this one just seemed to be lacking. It was nice, but not great. It was nice getting everything for free (food, movies, games, etc.). I'm greatful for the experience, but I'm not sure if would ever pony up the extra money for a First Class ticket, anytime soon.

I will say that I was treated nicely, and I did get to sit next a cool guy, named Dave. He was just the friendliest guy, and we had some nice conversations. In the 4 hours I got to know him, I got the impression that he would do anything to help anybody out. He's good people.

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