Sunday, June 7, 2009

Daily Drawing Challenge 013

My apologies for missing yesterday... which I believe would go out to the 3 people who actually watch this blog. :) The reason that I missed posting yesterday was because I tried to help my wife catch up with some yard work. I'd like to be able to say that the yard work took up most of the day, and I wasn't able to work on my art, but I can't. Unfortunately, it's been awhile since I did some serious yard work, and the years of sitting in front of a computer reminded my body that I'm a soft, weak, dough boy, who has no business trying to impress my wife with how much work I think I can do. Needless to say, my arms felt like rubber and hurt too bad to do any art.

Which leads me to today's image. This challenge was really fun for me in several ways. First, this character is the mascot for my side business. For the last several years, I have been building him a little bit at a time in 3D. I've got all the modeling and UV work done, but there are some things I want to get and learn before I finish up texturing and rigging. I know how to do both, but there are some cool new tools that I want to get familiar with before I tackle it.

The second reason that this was so much fun is because this image symbolizes me. For those of you who know me, pretty much always see me with a hat on. My favorite color is blue, my last name is Bird, and I am a total computer nerd. I wouldn't say that I'm generally angry, but when I'm having computer or software troubles, I can definitely blow my top.

This image is also in one of my demo reels, but it wasn't colored until tonight. I can't wait to put it in my new demo reel, with some cool effects I want to try out.


DeWd said...

as soon as i read the key words i knew this was the perfect pic for you. turned out great! so what is it you are going to try and do with the 3d model of him?

Shawners said...

The colors turned out really good! I also like the stickers, great job!

Ryan B said...

Thanks for the great comments, you guys! :)

As far as the 3D model goes, I want to do work some things into it that will make him more "toony". To do that, I want to learn some rigging tricks, as well as add some cool rendering effects.