Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sneak Peak

For these CG Character Challenges that I participate in, I usually end up having a lot of detail in my characters that no one, but myself, ever sees. This week, we're working on a Lurpy Cop Sea Animal Female. I'm making a lurpy looking fish. This starfish is part of the fish's hat badge.

As I'm sure that in the final render, you probably won't be able to see the detail that I put into this starfish (it is only a small part of the whole character), I thought I'd just post this now, as a sneak peak for what I will hopefully be posting tonight.

I should also point out that the center of the star fish is fairly smooth because there will be a cartoony face there.


DeWd said...

hahaha, so funny you mention the detail that only you will know about. i do that all the time. this starfish looks great. did you take it into z brush then?

Ryan B said...

Yeah... I did all the displacement and texture work in Zbrush. I've been trying to use Zbrush more to do all of my texturing.