Monday, May 11, 2009

Low Poly Challenge 001

In an earlier post, I mentioned the Low Poly Challenge (that went along with our Daily Drawing Challenge). In this challenge, we had 1 week, 2,000 triangles, and 2 texture maps to create whatever character we drew out of the 3 bowls (also mentioned in that earlier post).

The Low Poly Challenge was awesome! At the time, things were really excrutiating and tedious at work, and my friend Mike and I needed to do something that was creative and fun. We did these challenges for a couple of months before they ended up fizzling away - due to the downturn of the studio we were working for.

The other thing that was fun about these challenges was that at the end of every week, we would post our work next to our office door. At first, Mike and I would just go to each other's office and enjoy seeing what the other had accomplished. Within a couple of weeks, we started seeing that other co-workers would start dropping by to see what we had done. It was nice that others were looking at what we were doing, as well.

Obviously, for this challenge, I only got the modeling and texturing done. I wasn't able to get it rigged into a 'sneaky' pose.
On another note, I'm going to California with my family, this week. If I don't post something every day, you'll know why.

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