Monday, May 4, 2009

You seem disturbed, Mr. Carrot.

I originally built this for a '10 Second Club' animation that I did a LONG time ago. I used him for a few small things here and there afterwards, but not a lot. Tonight, I dusted him off, posed him, and did this rendering.

I think the main reason that I did this was because I completely missed this week's CG Character Challenge. With my trip to North Carolina, the mounds of side work I have, and family stuff , I just didn't have any time to work on it. So, with what little spare time I had tonight, I brought this guy out for another small shot in the spotlight.

Go shine, little vegetable.


Bear and Stephy said...

Boy? Hardy Har.

DeWd said...

cool, did you use renderman for this one too

Ryan B said...

Yes, I used Renderman on this. I did it very quickly, so I wasn't able to optimize it, like I normally would.